Sunday, February 16, 2020

Product Management Reading List

Inspired by Andy Nortrup’s thorough posting, I’ve dusted off my own recommended reading list. It doesn’t have reviews or feedback, just raw links. An interesting attribute of the times is that product management is recognized as an important function, but it’s not narrowly defined. That leaves a lot of latitude for recommending preparatory materials, and different lists have very different mental models of what a PM is going to do.

My approach to this has altered over the years as I’ve run more PM internships and mentored line PMs to avoid my mistakes and make their own. Specifically, I like to provide research pointers like this instead of prescriptive shortcuts; nothing kills the joy of discovery like forced march reading. While there’s a lot of interesting material here, it’s not all going to work for a given reader at the time they first see it. So poke around, find what works for you. If you’re coming from a STEM background, you may not need as much math and finance grounding as I have needed.

Product Manager Reading List

My Goodreads lists: product-management and math

Specific to the discipline of product management

Marty Cagan, SVPG

Rob Fitzpatrick

Michael Mace

Ben Thompson, Stratechery

Eric Ries

Specific to leadership and teamwork

Kim Scott

Michael Lopp (Rands)

Passing knowledge of domains we influence and are influenced by

Thomas Freese

Seth Godin

Don Norman

Neal Stephenson

Alex Reinhart

Karen Berman

Dana Keller

Kieran Healy

Phil Simon