Sunday, February 21, 2010

10 years on

LINUX Unleashing the Workstation in Your PCThe oldest site on the Wayback Machine is my first Zope site, from early 2002, but I've had a website and a home server since 1998. I'm pretty sure I registered the domain name in 1999 or so, but can't find any records. From Slackware through Red Hat through Mandrake through SuSE to Ubuntu, served by a 486/100 with a modem, by a Pentium/90 with a microwave dish, and by a series of AMD whiteboxes over DSL... the time has finally come. I no longer have time to maintain a CMS driven website, so I'll just post stuff here instead. Hopefully it will prove interesting.

mission statement

Through embracing and extending our valued employees, we will functionally evaluate and thereby perform thorough analysis, quantification, and optimization of all interactions, self-initiated or otherwise, between lower, hairier members of the primate family and assorted forms of pasta (including but not limited to the Italianate and Sino-Asian families of wheat, rice, and soy flours). We add value to these crucial interactions by the simple expedient of leveraging synergies towards new world paradigms, in a global sense. Where do you want to take your enterprise monkey today? To the noodlehouse of value-add!